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Taser Certification OPOTA - X26 & Civilian


Not every encounter requires deadly force! That's why Peak Impact offers a Taser Certification course!


This course is taught by certified Police Officers.


Learn how to successfully shoot on the move, holster draws, how to properly shoot a Taser and when a gun is not an option.


Train to win!


Taser Certification OPOTA Curriculum



• Rules for safe Taser handling


• Taser Components
• How Tasers Work
• Shot Placement
• When to use a Taser
• Taser Live Fire
• Shooting Under Cover & Concealment
• Combatant Detainment


Note: You MUST be willing to be Tased for this course!
You will be carefully supervised and it is safe.


Taser Certification OPOTA Information

Next Class: See Schedule


Instructors: Law Enforcement Officer OPOTA

Class Time: 3 Hours Classroom


One Day Course: 6pm - 9pm


Location: 5169 Greenport Ave SE Canton Ohio 44707


Bring with you:


+ Comfortable Clothing
+ Note Pad & Pen
+ Taser X26 or Civillian Model with 3-4 Extra Cartridges. N
eed to purchase? Contact us in advance for pricing.
+ 3 Adult sized Diapers (Just Kidding...You'll be fine)


Prerequisite - Open to Public - No Felonies - Two forms of Identification


Course Cost: $75

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.

Call 330-542-8200 Ext 1 to enroll or reserve your spot online now

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