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Pistol Retention - Hold on to your gun and survive!


If you you carry a gun, it is for self defense. As a responsible gun
owner and concealed carry permit holder, the last thing you ever
want to do is to have to use your defensive handgun for self-defense.


The last thing you ever want to happen is for someone else to use your own gun on you or on anyone else!This class can save your life!


This course is taught by certified NRA Instructors & Police Officers.


If you just obtained your CCW or have had your CCW permit a while
then our advanced pistol courses are a must!


Train to win! Register for this class today!


Pistol Retention Course Curriculum



1) The combative draw stroke
2) 3 fighting positions of the combative draw stroke
3) Drawing from concealment
4) Understanding close quarter limitations to drawing
5) The verbal challenge and its value
6) Moving off the line of attack

7) Basic strikes

8) Transition from striking to drawing

9) Pistol disarming

10) Weapon retention (pistol in hand)
11) Retroactive response
12) Reactive response
13) Rroactive response
14) Prevention
15) Reactive drills

16) Weapon retention (holstered pistol)

17) Dealing with sudden assaults

18) Defending the tackle

19) Multiple opponent scenarios

20) Dealing with edged and blunt weapons

21) Drawing against blunt and edged weapons
22) Distance considerations
23) The need for positive control of opponents weapon
24) Reality check & the *Tueller drill

25) Discussion on back-up weapons

26) Closing exercises


Pistol Retention Course Information

Next Class: See Schedule


Instructors: National Rifle Association / Law Enforcement Officer

Class Time: 4 Hours Classroom


One Day Course: 5pm - 9pm


Location: 5169 Greenport Ave SE Canton Ohio 44707


Bring with you:


+ Comfortable Clothing
+ Tennis Shoes
+ Side Holster
+ Semi-Automatic Pistol - NO AMMUNITION


Prerequisite - You must have a CCW


Course Cost: $149

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.

Call 330-542-8200 Ext 1 to enroll or reserve your spot online now

50% non-refundable deposit required

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