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OPOTA 20 Hour Pistol Certification
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission 20 Hour Pistol Course
Tactical Pistol Certification

CCW / Level I Pistol

Level II Pistol - Instructor Prep
Level III Pistol - Instructor Prep
Low Light Pistol - Instructor Prep
Close Quarters Combat Pistol
Combat Pistol Instructor Certification
Advanced CCW Pistol
Defensive Pistol - In/Out of Home
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical / Defensive Shotgun

Precision Rifle

Sniper Training
Professional Certification
Executive Protection Certification
Bodyguard Certification
Security Specialist Certification
Private Investigator Certification
Defense & Disarming
Pistol Retention
Knife Defense
Handgun Defense

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Taser Training
Tactical Emergency Medicine
Advanced Handcuffing
Advanced ASP

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Crisis Mgmt & Physical Interception
CPR & First Aid Certification
Combat Pistol Instructor Certification


If you desire to turn your training into a business opportunity

and enjoy helping others while challenging your students to

be their best then become a Combat Pistol Instructor!


Our Instructor Certification course is designed to take you to
limits you never thought possible. We will challenge you to be
an expert in pistol combat skills that will help save lives!


This course is taught by certified NRA Instructors, Military &
Police Officers.


Students who complete this course will be eligible to attend
this course will become a certified combat pistol Instructor.


The sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities you will obtain!


You can start your own school, become an expert witness, teach at other schools, obtain better employment, write articles, perform consultations, become one of our Instructors and much more! Again, the sky is the limit!


Combat Pistol Instructor Certification Course Curriculum



Range Safety

• Safe review for all shooting sceneries
• Practical exercises in safe gun handling extreme shooting


Firearm Drills - Range

• Warm-Up Drills
• Level II Instructor Drills
• Level III Instructor Drills
• Close Quarter Combat Instructor Drills
• Low Light Instructor Drills
Concealment & Cover Instructor Drills

  • • Point Vs. Precision Shooting Instructor Drills
  • • Multi-Stage Instructor Drills
  • • Strike and Shoot Instructor Drills
  • • Shot Placement Qualification & Drills
  • • Dealing with Multiple Threats Up Close Instructor Drills
    Point versus precision shooting concepts
  • • Multiple-Position Shooting Instructor Drills
  • • Force on Force Instructor Drills
  • • Man on man dueling Instructor Drills


This course covers all levels of training that we teach in
every pistol level while emphasizing teaching scenarios
and the combat mind set!


• Setting up your classroom
• Principles of teaching combat skills
• Classroom Materials
• Curriculums and Courses Offered
• How to start your own business, marketing and everything else needed to earn a lucrative income


Note: This class is intense and you will be required to qualify at all range phases including a final comprehensive test. The days are long and hard but the rewards are great! If you're up for a challenge then become a Combat Pistol Instructor!



Combat Pistol Instructor Certification 6 Day Course (Option One)

Next Class: See Schedule


Instructors: Military /NRA /Law Enforcement

Class Time: 57 Hours


6 Day Course: Monday -Saturday

7am - 7pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday One hour lunch

5pm - 12am Thursday (Night Range) One hour dinner
7am - 7pm Friday & Saturday One hour lunch


Location: 5169 Greenport Ave SE Canton Ohio 44707


Bring with you:


+ 2500 FACTORY rounds of ammunition (you can purchase here)
+ 3-4 Magazines
+ Side Holster
+ Semi-Automatic Pistol ( 2 pistols is better in case of breakage )
+ Ball Cap, Hydration, Snacks, Rain Gear, Clothing for Weather
+ Boots

Prerequisite - You must have a CCW or No Felonies


Course Cost: $1,495

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.

Call 330-542-8200 Ext 1 to enroll or reserve your spot online now

50% non-refundable deposit required



Combat Pistol Instructor Certification Course Ala-Carte (Option Two)



Next Class: See Schedule


If you would like to become an Instructor but are time or
financially limited then you are more then welcome to
accomplish this on your own time.

In order to obtain Instructor certification you must successfully
take the following courses:


+ Level I or already have obtained your CCW
+ Level II
+ Level III
+ Low Light
+ Close Quarter Pistol
+ Attend our one day 10 hour Instructor course ($175.00)


If you have any additional questions please call
all 330-542-8200 Ext 1 or Contact Us

The sky is the limit when it comes to the opportunities you will obtain!

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