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Advanced Tactical Pistol Level II


Now that you have your CCW it's time to kick it up a notch and
learn how to really start using your weapon!


This course is taught by certified NRA Instructors & Police Officers.


Learn how to successfully shoot on the move, holster draws and
how to shoot behind concealment and cover.


Students who complete this course will be eligible to attend the
Level III pistol course.


If you just obtained your CCW or have had your CCW permit a while
then this class is a must. It's one thing to have your CCW.


It's another to be able to successfully shoot on the move while defending yourself properly.


Tactical Pistol Level II Course Curriculum



Range Safety

• Rules for safe gun handling while on the move
• Practical exercises in safe gun handling under concealment


Firearm Drills - Range

• Warm-Up Drills

• Holster Work - Drills & Fundamentals
• Shooting on the Move Fundamentals
• Multiple Stage Shooting
• Friend or Enemy Identification Speed Drills
• Skills Relating to Controlling the Handgun While Shooting
• Shooting Under Cover & Concealment
• Multiple Position Shooting


This is a FUN Class - We'll have Barricades, Metal Targets, Smoke, Shoot Through Windows...and much more...



Tactical Pistol Level II Course Information

Next Class: See Schedule


Instructors: National Rifle Association / Law Enforcement Officer

Class Time: 1 Hour Classroom & 5 Hours Range


One Day Course: 9am - 3pm One hour Lunch


Location: 5169 Greenport Ave SE Canton, OH 44707

It takes about 10-12 minutes to get there from Belden Village.

Take 77 to Route 30 East exit 104 towards E. Liverpool. Take the OH

43 South ramp toward Waynesburg. Bear right onto OH 43
Waynesburg Dr. SE. Turn right onto Baum St. SE and then immediately
turn left onto Greenport Ave SE. You will know you are there when you see a large gate.


Urban Combat Academy has the largest outdoor tactical training facility in North East Ohio


Bring with you:


+ 300 Rounds of Ammunition
+ 2 Magazines
+ Side Holster
+ Semi-Automatic Pistol


Prerequisite - You must have your CCW permit / Level I to take this course


Note: This is a weather permitting course. We will be on the range 99% of the day. If it rains we will reshedule.


Course Cost: $149 ONLY $80

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.

Call 330-542-8200 Ext 1 to enroll or reserve your spot online now


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