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Our Courses
OPOTA 20 Hour Pistol Certification
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission 20 Hour Pistol Course
Tactical Pistol Certification

CCW / Level I Pistol

Level II Pistol - Instructor Prep
Level III Pistol - Instructor Prep
Low Light Pistol - Instructor Prep
Close Quarters Combat Pistol
Combat Pistol Instructor Certification
Advanced CCW Pistol
Defensive Pistol - In/Out of Home
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical / Defensive Shotgun

Precision Rifle

Sniper Training
Professional Certification
Executive Protection Certification
Bodyguard Certification
Security Specialist Certification
Private Investigator Certification
Defense & Disarming
Pistol Retention
Knife Defense
Handgun Defense

Specialty Courses


Taser Training
Tactical Emergency Medicine
Advanced Handcuffing
Advanced ASP

Company Training

Crisis Mgmt & Physical Interception
CPR & First Aid Certification

Become a Certified Security Professional Today!

Our online certification programs are designed to help you quickly start working as a Security Professional!

Start Your Own Security Business
Become a Certified Executive Protection Specialist
Work Private, Corporate or Government Security
Become Certified & Get Hired

Peak Impact offers three exciting, lucrative and challenging careers to choose from! Get started today!

Select a Program

Executive Protection Certification

This program is designed for students who

wish to obtain the elite status of a certified

Executive Protection Security Professional.
Course Overview

Bodyguard Certification
This course will prepare you to
become a professional & certified VIP Bodyguard using advanced skills and techniques.
Course Overview


Private Investigator Certification
This course will prepare you to become and
work as a professional & certified Private Investigator.Start your exciting career today.
Course Overview

Security Specialist Certification

This certification course will prepare you to quickly enter into the working world of security from many diversified fields of interest.
Course Overview

Choose Your Future Career

Join The Trillion Dollar Security Industry!

That's right! This is your chance to leap into the
security world and start making money like the pros!

* Become a Bodyguard & Executive Protection Specialist

* Start your own security firm or work abroad

* Work with a private security team anywhere in the world

* Work Private Security for celebrities or corporate executives

* Work Private, Corporate or Government Security

* Publish articles on security procedures

* Become a security consultant

* Become a crime prevention specialist

* The possibilities are endless

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