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Take Ohio's Best CCW Certification Course


Welcome to The Urban Combat Academy's Ohio Concealed Carry Weapon certification program!


This course is taught by certified NRA Instructors & Police Officers and exceeds all other CCW training programs in Ohio.


When it comes to concealed carry classes...this isn't your average class. We'll train you to survive a violent encounter! Trust us when we say this...you DON'T want to take a course from just anyone! Your life and your family's lives depends on the best training!


This is why we have constructed the most advanced CCW certification program in Ohio.


Again, this course will not only satisfy the Ohio State requirements to legally carry a firearm in the state of Ohio but will give you a foundation that will support your personal growth and enable you to manage life supporting skills.


Our classes are for MEN and WOMEN.


BEWARE of CCW classes that charge extreme low fees. You will get what you pay for. Your life depends on the absolute best training from experts in the field.


Obtain your Ohio CCW permit and...


Legally carry a concealed firearm on your body
Carry a concealed firearm in over 30 US states
Carry a firearm in your vehicle
Carry a concealed firearm into stores and restaurants
Protect yourself and loved ones from serious bodily harm

Understand the laws that govern Ohio CCW responsibilities
Properly use a firearm when life is at risk

Take advanced pistol training

and much more


CCW / Handgun Defense Course Curriculum



Home Firearm Safety

• Rules for safe gun handling
• Identifying and unloading different types of firearms
• Practical exercises in safe gun handling
• Types of ammunition
• Cleaning and safe storage of firearms


Basic Pistol

• Pistol knowledge and safe gun handling
• Ammunition knowledge
• Stance, grip, breathing
• Skills relating to controlling the handgun while shooting
• How to operate multiple types of firearms
• Sight alignment and trigger control


Personal Protection Inside & Outside of the Home (Advanced Skills not included by any other CCW school)

• Pistol retention during a violent attack
• Alternatives to lethal force
• Fight & Survive
• Planning for confrontations which might occur inside and outside the home
• Attitudes, thinking, and safety for self-defense

• Physiological aspects to a violent encounter
• The role of handguns in personal protection
• Defensive shooting skills


At the completion of the course students will walk away with an understanding of what one may encounter during a deadly situation and the skills necessary to increase the chances of life preservation. The Urban Combat Academy's team achieves this by building each students knowledge base by incorporating real life training scenarios throughout the course.


Although a student will be able to apply for a CCW permit after completing this course it is also beneficial for those who may not wish to carry but protect themselves and family members inside their home.


CCW / Handgun Defense Course Information - One Day 12 Hour Course

OHIO Carry and Conceal Weapon Certification Course


Next Class: Call or visit our Schedule Page


Instructors: National Rifle Association / Law Enforcement Officer

Class Time: 10 Hours Classroom & 2 Hours Range


8:30 am - 8:30 pm (ish) We have lunch during class - Bring Lunch


5169 Greenport Ave SE Canton Ohio 44707 - When you arrive go through the gate and you'll see the classroom at the end of the drive.

Arrive at classroom by 8:15 AM. - Dress for the weather.


Urban Combat Academy has the largest outdoor tactical training facility in North East Ohio


Bring with you:


Note pad, pen & firearm (LEAVE IN CAR).


You will also need 100 rounds of ammunition.


Note: If you do not own a firearm - We will loan you one for a $25 fee. However you will be required to purchase the ammo. We do not sell ammo. Call for arrangements.


CCW Course Cost: $80

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.

Call 330-970-9508 Ext 1 to get class schedule: Only 25 Seats available! Take the Best CCW course in Ohio!


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