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Tactical Pistol Certification

CCW / Level I Pistol

Level II Pistol - Instructor Prep
Level III Pistol - Instructor Prep
Low Light Pistol - Instructor Prep
Close Quarters Combat Pistol
Combat Pistol Instructor Certification
Advanced CCW Pistol
Defensive Pistol - In/Out of Home
Tactical Shotgun
Tactical / Defensive Shotgun

Precision Rifle

Sniper Training
Professional Certification
Executive Protection Certification
Bodyguard Certification
Security Specialist Certification
Private Investigator Certification
Defense & Disarming
Pistol Retention
Knife Defense
Handgun Defense

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Taser Training
Tactical Emergency Medicine
Advanced Handcuffing
Advanced ASP

Company Training

Crisis Mgmt & Physical Interception

CPR & First Aid Certification



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The Urban Combat Academy's Mission is Simple...


Brawnstone SecurityAbout Our Team
The Urban Combat Academy is a premier world-wide tactical security training company based out of Canton Ohio.


Our staff members specialize in:

Tactical Training for Law Enforcement, Military and Civilians
Covert Operations
Executive Protection
Private Security
Private Investigations
Security Consultations & Procedures
Security, Executive Protection and Bodyguard Training


Our staff is comprised of:

Police Officers
Military Trainers
National Rifle Association Trainers

Executive Protection Specialists

Security Consultants

Specialized Weapon Trainers
Close Combat Trainers
Narcotic & Protection K9 Trainers

Law Enforcement Consultants

Private Investigators


The Urban Combat Academy offers the perfect course for everyone!

The Urban Combat Academy is proud to offer an assortment of life saving courses that are geared toward your success!


It doesn't matter if you are a safety conscious citizen who wants to ensure your family's and personal security, a Law Enforcement or Security Officer , Military Soldier, an avid hunter, combat skill training junky or a professional who desires additional credentials to add to your resume. We guarantee we have a course that's right for you! If you have any additional questions contact us.

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