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Advanced ASP Baton - Law Enforcement & Security Only


This course is like no other because it provides you with useful defensive skills in all 3 zones of defense, especially for close quarter battles (CQB). It relies heavily on practical hands-on applications and

is intended for first responders who want instruction in the proper

uses of straight batons (expandable or rigid) used for self-defense

and subject-control for escort and handcuffing.


Using a comprehensive learning and dynamic hands-on curriculum, first-responders will learn how to utilize a straight baton, which is one

of the most useful less lethal technologies on the duty belt, in direct and/or transitional ways for overcoming subject resistance through strikes, jabs or blocks and establish practical anatomical control

over a subject for the purposes of escort and/or handcuffing.


ASP Baton Course Curriculum



Course Content

+ Control Theory

+ Confrontational Continuum
+ Force Options
+ Use of Force Evaluations
+ Liability Considerations

+ Technical Baton Characteristics

+ Body Mechanics

+ The Pyramid
+ Hand Position
+ Power Generation

+ Weapon Side
+ Reaction Side
+ Forgiving Techniques
+ Gross Motor Skills
+ Fine Motor Skills

+ Verbalization
+ Stances
+ Safe Separation

+ Carrying the Baton
+ Drawing the Baton
+ Baton Grip
+ Securing the Baton
+ ASP Modes
+ Target Areas
+ Opening / Closing the ASP Baton

+ Baton Strikes

+ Closed Mode Strikes
+ Open Mode Strikes
+ Counter Strike vs Blocking
+ Weapon Retention


ASP Baton Course Information

Next Class: See Schedule


Instructors: Law Enforcement

Class Time: 6pm-10pm
or 5pm-9pm


1/2 Day Course 4 Hours


Location: 5169 Greenport Ave SE Canton Ohio 44707


Bring with you:


  • + Agency authorized straight baton
  • + Straight baton holder
  • + Duty belt
  • + Handcuffs with key
  • + Clothing suitable for hands-on training
  • + Duty body armor (to better approximate working on the job)


Prerequisite - Law Enforcement & Security - Two ID's Required


Course Cost: $75

We accept ALL Debit and Credit Cards.

Call 330-542-8200 Ext 1 to enroll or reserve your spot online now

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